14 August 2015

Le corbeau et la montgolfière

After my big moan yesterday, I have to be honest and say that this has been one great summer in the Loire Valley. We haven't had quite enough moisture, but the ground is not powder dry now, and we have had very many beautiful days.

It was just that blast of hot humidity that got to me this week. The dry heat isn't so bad, it's true. We are lucky not to have experienced another Grande Canicule like the one that nearly killed us in 2003. That summer, day after day of temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s were brutal.

Anyway, we had just a little bit of refreshing rain yesterday, and it's supposed to rain a little bit today too. Temperatures have fallen as predicted. It's almost chilly this morning, and we are breathing easy again.

One of the nice things about this summer's weather has been the wide blue skies we've enjoyed. A couple of mornings ago, Walt called me to come have a look at a hot-air balloon that was drifting out over the vineyard. I grabbed my camera and took the photos here from a bedroom window.


  1. ...Le corbeau, honteux et confus,
    Jura, mais un peu tard,
    Qu'on ne l'y reprendrait plus!

  2. Lovely shots...
    I agree with you about the humidity...
    dry heat is fine, a slight breeze cools you...
    the wet heat is just hateful...
    standing in front of a fan on full only just has a cooling effect.

    The last time I saw the Bonne Maman balloon was at a competition...
    in '86... in the UK.
    There were quite a few French "advert" balloons...
    but the one that still stands out was the Michelin Man balloon...
    somewhere in my slides I have pictures of that.

  3. Maître Corbeau, sur un arbre perché,
    Tenait en son bec un fromage.....

  4. Oh, I remember how Callie gets all worked up about those montgolfières -- hope she didn't freak out too much :)
    (oops... sorry for the above deleted comment... forgot what name I was signed in as)

  5. The crow may be wanting a ripe apple to eat.

  6. Après les petits pots de confiture , les biscuits de Bonne Maman :-)

  7. Nice corbeau photos. I love these posts where you toss in a few French words...I am in remedial French, metaphorically speaking, so they are helpful.

    1. The Bonne Maman balloon was so far from the house that Callie wasn't aware of it. Usually its the whooshing noise of the balloon's gas burner that alerts her first.

  8. You are lucky to get rain at my place there was not any rain since month


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