20 December 2011

Walking with dogs in winter

Sunday morning, Walt and Callie were coming back home from the morning walk when they met a neighbor who lives down the hill walking two golden retrievers. They stopped to talk out by the crucial poteau électrique about the big storm and the ensuing power outage.

Sunday morning view of the vineyard

Sundays are hunting days, and we make sure our walk is finished before 9:00 a.m., because that's when the hunters show up. The neighbor woman was just arriving at that hour, and heading out into the rows of vines. I guess she knows what she's doing. One of her dogs was on a leash, I think, but the other was running loose the way Callie does.

You can see the red car that belongs to Roland, one of the faithful hunters, parked out by the vineyard workers' shed.


  1. Does Callie like her neighbors?

  2. Your photos are always so painterly. You've got the eye and the know-how. Beautiful!

  3. We have kind of a painterly landscape around here. It's as pretty in the winter as it is in all the other seasons.

  4. It does look very "painterly".

  5. Are you going to have Steak au Poivre tomorrow?

    WV is jibiersh. If only people knew how to spell and type!

  6. Oui, CHM, steak au poivre. Nous avons un bon morceau de rumsteak. Et moi je suis très enrhumé — sinusite, mal de gorge, tout le bataclan. Il va pleuvoir demain et nous ne comptons pas quitter la maison.

    Leon and Sue, Callie gets along with the neighbors and their dogs just fine. If only she would accept Bertie's presence...

  7. Your photo has just cheered my day. Many thanks! The light is beautiful...


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