02 December 2011

December sunrise

One big raison d'être for this blog is that I take so many photos and really enjoy taking them. I take photos both outdoors on my walks with the dog, and indoors, mostly in the kitchen.

This time of year it's nearly dark when I go out with the dog either at about 8 a.m. or about 6 p.m., depending on the day. Right now in Saint-Aignan, the sun comes up at 8:22 and goes down at 5:06. That makes for a pretty short day.

Sunrise over the vines on December 1

Often, the sunrise is very beautiful. Now we're going into a rainy weekend, but temperatures are still mild. They say we've had the warmest autumn ever. We still have flowers growing in planters and window boxes outside. It's amazing, when you think that we are actually located at a more northerly latitude than Montreal or Minneapolis, for example.


  1. I am grateful for your love of taking photos, as a reader of your blog I get to see your part of the world. It is wonderful

  2. It's always a real pleasure seeing your photos!


  3. Sunrises are my favorites and you are in a place to see them well this time of year. Glad you enjoy photography and share with us.

  4. WOW

    If one can print that beautiful picture to put on a white empty wall - you will be looking at your chef-d'oeuvre everyday . This is a wonderful one -amongst many others over the years btw :-)

  5. Ken, all your photos are always gorgeous. Walt is the first blog I read in the morning, yours second. For few minutes everyday, I am in France too. I get to see what the temperature is on Walt's blog and what is new, and from yours, I get recipes, gorgeous landscapes, or on education on economy...
    (I love my blogs and it just happens that Walt's and Ken's blogs are the firt ones on my long list of "favorites". I don't always have time to leave comments but I enjoyed them all so tremendously).


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