12 December 2011

Hazy views...

...through steamed-up windows. Yesterday was a chilly day outside, with much mist. We stayed in, except for my morning walk and Walt's afternoon walk with the dog. Later in the day, we had a hot fire in the wood-burner.

Locked in... well, not really

In the morning, I didn't walk all the way out to the end of the gravel road. Callie and I ambled around the edge of the vineyard, even though it was sloppy wet and slippery. When we got about half way out, I heard loud gunshots not far away, so we retreated. Winter Sundays are hunt days.

Green but gray at the same time

Our cooking projects were bagels, using new techniques that were very successful. More about that later. We had some smoked trout in the fridge, and some fromage à tartiner, a.k.a. cream cheese. Making bagels involves boiling the dough before you bake it, so all the old windows in the house fogged up. As I said, it was chilly outside.

The neighbors' house is shuttered for the winter.

To go with the bagels and cream cheese, I made little spinach soufflés. Well, faux soufflés — more like timbales. No beating of egg whites required. Spinach, béchamel sauce, cheddar cheese (English cheddar, from SuperU, very good), and eggs.

Another December Sunday.


  1. Ohhh.. Looks cozy!! Well, I'm sure it was cozy inside!

    Hey... you just made me hungry with your talk of bagels!! Time for breakfast!!!!

    Hope you guys have a great week..

  2. Once again, it all sounds so very appetizing :)

  3. Hunting Sundays would certainly keep me in the house.

  4. Hi Leesa, it was cozy. Hope you are doing well.

    Judy, :^)

    Starman, usually the shooting doesn't start until 9 a.m. on Sundays, so I go out earlier than that. This past Sunday the shooting started earlier.

  5. the last time i tried to make bagels i nearly burned down the house. i'm not even kidding. and i hope you had a much more pleasant experience.


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