26 December 2011

Days of tea and honey (and lemon)

French honey, exotic lemon, English tea, and a mug from North Carolina have been my best friends for a few days now. It takes a while to get better, and the tea, lemon, and honey are therapeutic as well as comforting.

Mes meilleurs amis du moment

We cooked the Christmas Guinea Hen with cornbread stuffing, gratin dauphinois potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. It was good, but you know how it is when you have a cold and you can't really taste much? We probably should have cooked everything with a lot of hot red pepper sauce. Today will be another day of just taking it easy and trying to get back some strength.

Question for the day: Do you think Guinea Hen Soup has the same restorative powers as Good Old Chicken Soup? I'll let you know.


  1. Hope that Guinea Hen Soup did the trick. The words don't flow off the tongue like Grandma's chicken soup, but I have a feeling the effect is the same.

  2. I'm sure the guinea fowl soup will still soothe you. Perhaps also add a couple cloves of garlic and extra parsley. Good luck to you both in getting over the "bug" as we call it in Australia.

  3. It is probably the same thing, since the only reason chicken soup does marvels is because it's hot! So, I guess, any hot liquid, pleasant to ingurgitate, would do the trick.

  4. yes i do! and my husband would like to 'volunteer' our 2 old guineas for the job! hope you feel better. i'm sure you'll make a wonderful soup with your leftovers. enjoy!

  5. Oooh, that will be good, and surely good for you :)

  6. Hot liquids and rest does the trick! Get well soon as it is time to get ready for the last celebration of the year.

  7. And let us not forget
    saturation with Vitamin C
    3,000 units to start...
    Get well very soon...

  8. Ken,
    I read your blog first thing every morning (in Tacoma,Wa) and I would always love to change places with you and Walt. This morning after Christmas Glo and I are in Maui with our kids and grandkids from Tokyo. Right now I am looking out across the Lanai at the rolling waves of the Ocean. For just this once, I would not trade places. Get well soon.

    Dennis Martin

  9. Rest and Recuperation and Guinea Hen Soup!!!

    Hope the recovery is fast, Ken.

    Mary in Oregon

  10. Mitch, however, the soup flows over the tongue and down the throat the same way!

    Louise, thanks, good ideas. Yes, we call it a bug too in the U.S.

    CHM, I'm sure you're right. Chicken, turkey, pintade, veal... hot broth, with steam.

    OFG, nice to have your own guineas. Poor things. Enjoy...

    Judy, :^)

    Nadège, I'm looking forward to the oysters and then some good confit de canard this coming weekend.

    Mary, thanks for reminding me.

    Dennis, don't rub it in! Hope you are still enjoying Maui. Don't get sunburned!

    Mary in Oregon, hope you are enjoying the holidays.


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