22 November 2009

Where plants spend the winter

Yesterday a friend brought us some plants that she needs us to keep for her for a while. She's going away soon, and she can't just leave them for weeks on end.

Sliding glass doors

Luckily, we have a little front porch on our house, and we had it glassed in a few years ago, with big sliding glass doors. I put a lot of plants in there at this time of year so that they can spend the winter in good light and without any danger of freezing, or even frost. The doors are double-glazed.

Plants over-wintering in the little sun porch

Unfortunately, our house is too small for us to have a lot of plants inside. There are certainly some, but one problem with putting plants in a house like this one is that there are radiators under all the windows. If you put a plant up close to the radiator, the heat is too much for it.

Smaller plants on shelves in the porch

Some of our friend's plants are beauties, and I'll be sad to see them go when she takes them back. One is an aspidistra that she has had for many years, she said. I think it might have belonged to her mother, who passed on years ago.


  1. I have a sunroom like that too, but my dog sleeps in there and she destroyed all the plants :(

  2. re Massif drive - we may stop around Beaune to revisit a nice place we stayed for a week in Burgundy some years ago - nice B&B rooms too for a night as we see old friends - would cut the trip in half I think! thanks Ken

  3. I like your sunporch :) I especially like the stone floor. Very nice :)


  4. Hmmm.... I seem to remember that you had a swimming pool in front of your glassed in porch when I visited. ;-)


  5. Ha ha ha, BettyAnn. Would you believe that we had a rain and wind storm yesterday that reminded me of that famous one when you were here.


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