04 November 2009

Clear sky, nice moon

It was a clear crisp morning here in Saint-Aignan. Last night was a different story. There were gusty winds, with hard rain beating against the windows on the west side of the house for an hour or more. It was still coming down when I went to bed at eleven.

I woke up at about 4:00 and was surprised to see moonlight streaming in through the windows. The clouds had blown away and the moon appeared full. It was still up there this morning, as the sun was coming up.

A clear, crisp morning

We got another third of an inch of rain yesterday. That brings us up to more than 1½ inches since Saturday. The long hot... well, warm... summer is certainly over now. It is November, after all.

On the walk this morning, I ran into Bruno Ledys out working on his parcels of vines. His big dog Max was with him, and Callie hadn't seen her in a long time and went all submissive. I said to Bruno that it had rained pretty hard last night.

The morning moon

« Apparemment — he said — Je vois ça. » There were big puddles on the road and even down the rows of vines. The leaves are really blowing off the vines now.

"I measured 8 mm in the rain gauge this morning," I told him, "and that means we've had 40 mm here at La Renaudière since Saturday."

Sunshine on a November morning

« Oui, et c'est très bien », he said. This is just the kind of weather we need to have at this time of year, I guess. And I think more rain is on the way.


  1. The weather report in Los Angeles
    "morning and evening fog; daytime high in the 90's in the valleys and 70's on the coast". It is actually beautiful. It won't be long before we complain that it is too cold (60's), grey, raining (we need the rain but will complain because it is raining)...MDR

  2. Your weather out there, Nadège, is so monotonous. Boring, really. You all need some excitement in your lives... besides the traffic and the bursting water mains. MDR.

  3. Lovely photos! Did Callie bark at the moon?

  4. It is hot with little rain in Florida.

  5. It's cold, wet and grey in Derbyshire. We need the rain, but not too much. In 2007 large areas of the county were devastated by flooding and some people have only just got their homes back together. It was awful.

  6. Ken, you made me laugh by your comments. The best part when it rains (as in twice or three times a year), the local news are on "storm watch" and they have their reporters scattered all over the hot spots (charred hillsides, water runoffs that always swell after a good socking...). But what will get you are the potholes after the rains. Since California and LA ran out of money, in the poorest areas, they even don't bother fixing them until someone gets an accident.


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