11 May 2008

Old vines

Out walking the dog yesterday evening, I noticed how old and gnarly the vines looked in one section at the top of the vineyard.

May 2008 at Les Bas-Bonneaux near Saint-Aignan
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The village or town is having some kind of hiking or cycling event in our area today, because yesterday a couple of guys came and painted a big white arrow on the road to indicate the route. I'm going to walk Callie extra early (7:00 instead of 8:00) so that we won't get tangled up in a crowd.

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  1. One of my favorite wines here in California is old vines Zinfandel. In some of the better wines, the old vines have to be very, very old. The wine still has the fruity taste of a regular zin but is much smoother.


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