10 May 2008

The busy time

Everything is suddenly so busy that I don't feel like I have the time to blog. We are working madly to get the kitchen finished as soon as possible. Then on Wednesday our friend Cheryl arrives from California.

Next Saturday, we pack up the car, which will include putting the dog on the back seat, and drive the four hours down to the Ile d'Oléron, on the coast between La Rochelle and Bordeaux. We've rented a gîte (a small house) for a week's stay there.

Saint-Aignan is on the upper right-hand corner of this
map, and the Ile d'Oléron is in the red box on the coast.

We plan to walk on the beach with the dog, eat seafood, and watch birds. It'll be a great week, but with no Internet connection in the house.

Here's a closer-in view of the Ile d'Oléron.

It's time to get back to the painting. And there's a garden to be put in too, somewhere during all this time. Don't be surprised if you don't see a post here every day for a while. And then you'll surely see lots of pictures from the Ile d'Oléron and La Rochelle in late May and June.


  1. I always wanted to do your trip to USA in 2006. That's where I'll be when you're à l'Ile d'Oléron et La Rochelle.. A blog is so wonderful. The past can become the present. Nothing is ever lost. As long as we know that all is well while you're away.

  2. A week at the beach eating seafood is a very enticing carrot at the end of the stick, n'est-ce pas?

    You will certainly have earned it!


  3. so, is callie's bikini boy shorts or thong?

    please don't forget to take pix.

  4. I'm pretty sure Callie's beachware will be exactly the same thing she wears here: just a collar. I hope the locals on the Ile d'Oléron won't be too shocked.

  5. I think this remark is a little off "collar."


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