24 May 2008

Back in Saint-Aignan today

We drove home from the Ile d'Oléron today. At first we had a hard time finding a service station that had any fuel to sell, but by the time we got inland about 40 miles, we found one. The fishermen were on strike the whole week we were on the island and as part of their strike they blocked the wholesale fuel yards.

More this coming week... We had a great week eating seafood, walking on beaches, and seeing the sights on the island.


  1. Welcome back in blogland!

  2. Welcome back. I saw the strike on the news last night and the fact that the supply of fish @ Rungis was very scarce.

  3. Welcome back. Have enjoyed going to USA with you in 2006.

    Will be away till August. All the best to you, Walt and Collie.


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