05 August 2007

Wheelbarrow styles

Nice wheelbarrow colors

I wish we could get a new wheel or tire for this old wheelbarrow. We tried to find one when we got here in 2003, but without success. We could continue searching all the junkyards and gardening equipment stores around the region, but it might take forever.

We were forced to go out and buy a new wheelbarrow. It's made of unpainted galvanized steel, so it's just silver. How boring is that?


We needed a new wheelbarrow because we thought another old one we found in the garden shed when we moved here four years ago might not be sturdy enough to withstand much more abuse. It's a nice one, and instead of inflatable tires it has hard rubber wheels.

Green and red barrow

And here's one more picture of it, just to show you it still serves the purpose. We used it yesterday to gather up all the apples that had fallen from the trees out back and that had to be picked up before Walt could mow the grass.

The barrow with its load of red apples

Did you know barrow by itself was a word? I didn't. It means 1. A flat, rectangular tray or cart with handles at each end. 2. A wheelbarrow. The word is related to the verb to bear, meaning to carry; it's the bearer. All that is according to the American Heritage Dictionary.


  1. Looks like you'll put both wheeled barrows to good use. Sorry about not being able to fix the pretty one.

    FWIW I had a friend once named Betsy Barrows. So it's a last name too.

  2. In lots of places, I see wheelbarrows used as decorative items. People put flowers and plants in them.
    Maybe that's what you could do with the one that's out of a wheel ;)


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