19 November 2006

Movie experiments

Walt and I are both experimenting with the movie features of our digital cameras, and with sites where we can upload the movies we take. Here are my documentary-style attempts.

Our road, the back yard, and the back of our house:

The views off our front deck or terrasse, including the neighbors' big yard across the street:

I took both these videos on Saturday, November 18, 2006. It was a pretty nice day, and you can see that we still have flowers and a lot of green grass.


  1. What a pretty spot you live in, Ken!
    Nice job with the video, but why no commentary?

  2. I have recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it very much. I especially enjoyed your posts from your trip since I live near Anniston Alabama. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and posts.

  3. Well, this was an experiment to see if I could take videos, upload them, and get them to display in my blog. It worked! I was trying not to cough or say something dumb while I was filming; therefore the silence. Did you hear the birds chirping?

    Hi Anon. from Anniston, thanks for letting me know you are reading my blog. We had a good time in Anniston at the end of October, and our friends there are very special to us. We met them via the Internet and have visited with them here twice and now there once. Ken

  4. Hmm, sympa, la vidéo, non seulement, on entend les oiseaux chanter, mais on entend le gravier crisser sous tes pas, c'est rigolo !

    Dis, c'est un peu grâce à la Marie, non, si tu connais Ev et Lew ! Non mais quand même, lolol !!! Bises. Marie

  5. The videos of the house and garden are wonderful = I particularly liked the birdsong. Was there a woodpecker out back or was someone tapping his boules together?
    Dont rush into the commentary or worst of all Musak, a bit of birdsong is a relief to towndwellers who only see pigeons.
    A neighbour of mine recently from South Africa was seen plucking a city pigeon having heard that woodpigeon is delicious - will look out to see if she vanishes from the street.
    Thanks tons for your pictures and your commentary, but as I need to lose about 20 lbs I am not looking closely at the food. Stick to the birds.
    love anyway,

  6. Hi Minnie, I'm sure that was a woodpecker you heard on the video soundtrack. We hear them hammering out in the woods all the time. There are three main types around here — green woodpeckers, greater spotted woodpeckers, and lesser spotted woodpeckers. All three have red heads and are handsome birds.


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