17 November 2006

Autant en emporte le vent

That title means Gone With the Wind. It was the title of the book and movie in French.

We had a windy day yesterday. Look at this picture of the ornamental prune tree in our back yard. I took it on Wednesday 11/15.

I went out this morning and took this picture of the same tree (from a different angle though).

I guess this is what fall is all about. Winter is coming.


  1. What a difference a day makes! We've had two days of wind and rain here, but half of the leaves are hanging on the trees still.

    We rake leaves up to Christmas time here. Good exercise and beats shoveling snow.

  2. Bah, dis donc, c'est un vrai strip-tease, comme on dit avé l'accent en français :-) !!! A demain sur la toile ;-) ! Marie


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