11 November 2006

Coming out of the fog

Yesterday I managed to stay awake all day. Then I went to bed at 9:30 p.m. and slept until 6:30 a.m. this morning. I think I'm getting back on schedule.

Yesterday was also a day of errands and yard work. I needed to go to the post office in our village to buy a box to ship some things in. The people at the village post office are all new. The government is threatening to phase our PO out, so we try to go there for our postal needs rather than going into the PO in Saint-Aignan, which is always more crowded. Anyway, the man at the counter was very efficient and perfectly polite. I do miss the old crew, though, because they knew me and always greeted me with big smiles and friendly chat.

While I was in the village, I stopped in the boulangerie/pâtisserie to say hello to Sylvie, the boulangère. "You're back! Has it been a month already?" she said. While I was there, I thought I might as well pick up a couple of pastries for our dessert at lunchtime. I got a Paris-Brest and a mille-feuilles. Roselyne the bread lady had already stopped by the house before I left to run errands, so we had bought our baguette for the day from her.

A Paris-Brest and a mille-feuilles

Then I took our recycling — bottles, cans, plastic, and cardboard — to the bins provided for that purpose in the village. We don't have curbside recycling, even though we do have weekly garbage pick up.

On the way home, I stopped in at Le Domaine de la Renaudie to buy some wine. Our stocks were pretty much depleted. Patricia, the owner, was having a busy morning, so things moved along briskly and we didn't spend much time chit-chatting. I bought 10 litres of Chenin Blanc white and 10 litres of Gamay red. That's the equivalent of just over 26 bottles in all, and the price was 36 €. That comes out to about 1.40 € a bottle.

Walt went out to trim some trees yesterday morning, taking advantage of the dry, sunny weather. Out back we had a tamarisk tree growing right in front of our big bay laurel (laurier sauce) bush. Most of the year, the tamarisk tree was pretty scraggly looking, and its placement bothered me. I wanted a clear view of the shapely bay laurel bush.

Walt after he had partially trimmed the bay laurel bush
and lopped the top off the old tamarisk tree.
You can see the
burnt-orange leaves of the grape vines out beyond the hedge.

So Walt started trimming the tamarisk but then decided to cut it all the way down, as I had talked about doing. I'll miss it in the spring, because it was pretty for about two weeks when it bloomed. But the neighbor has one, and I'll just look at that one instead. Now we have a cleaner view out the bedroom window.

View of the back yard out the bedroom window late on a November afternoon.
I wonder if there's a pot of gold at the end of that sunbeam.

Today is market day in Saint-Aignan. We need some lettuce and mushrooms and a chicken for tomorrow's lunch. It's also supposed to rain today — if fact it's already started, so we'd better get a move on.


  1. Hey, the Paris Brest looks so good- I'll trade you a couple of Lamar's doughnuts for one of those. I'm glad you slept through the night finally.

    We had temps in the high 70s yesterday here, it was lovely. The leaves are piling up in our yard now, so the Fall color is not quite as good as when you were here.

  2. Hi Evelyn, the Paris-Brest was very good, and so was the mille feuilles. Today we had flans for dessert. We got them at a pâtisserie in Selles-sur-Cher.

    We ended up not going to the St-Aignan market after all, because it was raining. And it turned out that Walt needed to go to the pharmacy today, which is a holiday, and the only one open was in Selles (10 miles east of us). So we drove over there in the rain in our little Peugeot (it really is little compared to that Chevy Impala we rented in the U.S.). Everything here is green and gray, and it's beautiful. We stopped at the Champion supermarché in Selles and it was crowded. There must have been 15 cars in the parking lot!phbnat

  3. It must have smelled wonderful when Walt was clipping the bay laurel. We're enjoying the leaves we brought home with us in soups and stews.


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