27 December 2020


We in northern France and people in England are having some rough weather this morning. Sky News reports 80 mph winds on the English coast, and here in the Loire Valley the winds are getting really gusty too. We are supposed to have gusts up 55 to 60 mph and about an inch of rain today. It's good that we don't have to go anywhere. I'll just post some nighttime photos I took in Paris, around the Île de la Cité, in early April 2006. We were spending a week in the city for the first time in four years, after leaving California to move to France in 2003.

I took these photos with a Canon Pro90 IS camera that I bought in 2002. And I've cropped and otherwise edited them using Photoshop. I really do hope to go back to Paris one day...


  1. Wow! these photos are amazing. The City of Light. La Viile lumière.

    1. I think they are amazing too, considering that they were taken nearly 15 years ago, with a 2002-vintage Canon camera. I like taking nighttime pictures because they are rarely successes. I think these were.

  2. These pictures are stunning! I am looking forward to all your upcoming pictures and posts. Happy New Year!

  3. No matter the circumstances, you always find something beautiful and interesting to show us.
    Meanwhile, hang on to your hat.

  4. Ken, these are just wonderful photos!

  5. Paree is always beautiful. La plus belle ville du monde. Love the pictures.


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