28 July 2017

Shades of red

Walt went over to the vets' yesterday and bought a product called Nexgard for Natasha. It's a Frontline replacement that protects the dog from fleas and ticks. This morning, I can tell that Natasha is doing better. She's not scratching now. That's a relief.

Here are some photos of red flowers I've taken recently — a geranium, a rose, and some poppies.

I like the different shades and hues of red in these flowers.

We are supposed to finally get some warm weather again this weekend. The tomato plants in our garden really need heat and sun at this point. It's been eight days since our high temperature last hit 80ºF (27ºC). We want summer back, with sunshine and open doors and windows. This past week has been more like October than July.


  1. Wonderful Reds ... were you sipping some red wine while taking the photos ? :)

  2. Beautiful, and all three slightly different colors. That geranium has a hint of pink, I think. Love looking at them so closely.

  3. Love those reds!
    Happy for little Natasha not to be scratching. Ick!

  4. What lovely flowers - they really brighten the day.
    Once Tasha gets to six months, she should be able to wear a Scalibor collar which lasts against ticks and fleas six months, and take a Bravecto tablet every three months. Suggest you ask your vet. We've had ours on both these for years now and they have been very successful.

  5. Wow. My geraniums are red, but yours are RED!

  6. I think the geranium fertilizer they sell here is very effective. Also, my camera really over-saturates red tones. How you see the colors depends a lot on your monitor or tablet display.


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