19 July 2017


It was 90º up in the loft space yesterday afternoon, and 95º on the front terrace. Fans couldn't do us much good because it was hotter outside than it was in the house. It's a dry heat, however, so sleeping conditions weren't too bad. Predictions say to expect a thunderstorm today, with a high temperature in the mid-80s (all temps in ºF). Maybe the house will cool off a little.

The little sheltie puppy Natasha continues to be impeccably well-behaved on our walks in the vineyard. She runs up and down the rows of vines but comes to me whenever I call her. Yesterday she got a good look at a deer, and she ran after it for a ways through the vines. Then she came back to me when I called her. That was a real test. Walt says he thinks it was Callie the collie who showed Tasha how to behave on walks.

Our kitchen window and the terrace are both festooned with bright red geraniums this summer. They're plants that spent the winter in the new greenhouse and did very well in there.


  1. Oh, those geraniums look fabulous! So red! And, I'm a sucker for beautiful hydrangeas.
    I do think it was Callie who taught Tasha how to behave. She was such a good girl, your sweet Callie.

  2. So happy for you that Natasha is being so well behaved. I am sure Callie helped to teach her but I am also sure that such love and patience from both of you is the main reason. Our Shelties, once they had bonded, were very sensitive to mood and just wanted to always get it right. The only thing which we could never properly control with a command was the shrill barking!

  3. how do u get such heavy blooms....my geraniums bloom but look kinda spoarse...I even feed them this yr

  4. Gorgeous ! and I mean Tasha as well as the geraniums :)

  5. Those two photos made me long for France. Your flowers are tolerating the heat well, maybe they like it...

  6. Ah Tasha, what a good puppy! The hydrangeas look so happy there, and the geraniums look wonderful!


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