23 July 2017

Au bon endroit, au bon moment

We were surprised by a few hours of rain yesterday morning. And I was even more surprised because it was my morning to walk with Natasha into the vineyard. When I stepped out the back door, it was already raining very lightly. Here's what I saw.

The rainbow formed a full arc across the western sky, from north to south. I couldn't take it all in with my camera, though, from my viewpoint. Some photos from our upstairs windows might have shown it all, but then the big trees in our back yard would have probably been in the way.

The light kept changing from minute to minute. The rainbow itself would go faint and then the sun, behind me, would peek out between passing clouds and the rainbow's colors would really glow. The clouds kept changing colors too.

Natasha and I tried to keep walking but rain started falling harder. At one point, we veered off the gravel road down along a row of vines. A sudden downpour caught us, and heavy raindrops were slapping and tapping on the grape leaves. The sound was impressive.

The dog and I turned tail and headed back toward the house. This is the view we saw as we looked toward the east and into the sunrise. By the time we got back to the house, the rain had stopped. Isn't that always the way? But it started up again and lasted for a few hours.

I decided to go out the front gate and take a picture from out on the road as the rain started up again. The rainbow was soon just a memory... and a few photos. Events like this often last more no than 5 or 10 minutes. It's good that the time for our walks is at sunrise.


  1. Such a beautiful morning, even if not an especially good one for a walk!
    Wonderful photos.

  2. Each photo just tugged at my heart ... it is so beautiful, the peacefulness of it all, rainbows are notoriously difficult to photograph, I think you did a gret job with this .. the last one is fabulous. I have a whole bunch taken this past week when we had one of those pop up storms .. one minute the sun was shining then it began to rain, with the sun still shining and forming a lovely rainbow.

  3. There are significant rewards for getting up early, even if they sometimes involve getting wet. Thanks for the lovely vicarious walk.

  4. Wonderful pictures. That last one looks like a double rainbow. It's turned your gravel lane into the yellow brick road.

  5. Magnificent morning. Thank you for capturing it, and inviting us in.

  6. I love that last shot--double rainbow!

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments. I'm glad to have seen and captured, as well as I could, that rainbow moment. Since then, it's been gray and chilly here.


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