30 July 2017

Et les tomates dans tout ça ?

This spell of almost chilly weather we are just coming out of has really slowed down the tomatoes. None are ripe yet, but there are literally hundreds of green tomatoes out there. Walt planted about 30 plants, after all.

Yesterday our high temperature exceeded 80ºF for the first time in 10 days. It was 28.5ºC on the front terrace. It's warm this morning because the sky is overcast. Actually, what got me out of bed was the noise of a hard rain shower at 5 a.m. — I needed to close some windows.

We've had rain but not too much. It hasn't been enough to make the tomatoes start splitting.  When I took these photos yesterday morning, I didn't see any evidence of the blight that's called mildiou.

It's light enough now, at six, that I can see what's going on in the sky. Big dark clouds are blowing over at a good clip from southeast to northwest. Météociel isn't predicting any more rain, though.


  1. What kind of tomates do you grow? Beefsteaks, or heirlooms, or Romas? Or some of all of these?

    1. The varieties are Beefsteak, Cœur de Bœuf, Brandywine, Fireball, Yellow Jubilee, Roma, and Juliette. The single Juliette plant (little pear-shaped tomatoes) is a volunteer from last year.

  2. Too bad I can't blow some of our 100+F temps your way...and receive your cool rainy conditions in return!

  3. Sheila, thanks for the generous thought. We've had a summer of extremes, and it's been a rollercoaster ride. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

  4. Crazy weather. I'm so glad you haven't seen signs this year of mildiou.


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