21 July 2016

Le Relais d'Artémis: Lunch (2)

I'm running late this morning. I just spent an hour on the phone with a friend in California. So I'll be brief. Here are some more photos of our lunch on Sunday, July 10, at the Relais d'Artémis restaurant near Chambord.

As a first course, CHM and I both had foie gras — the liver of a fattened duck, cooked in a terrine. Délicieux, vraiment, spread on toasted French pain de campagne.

My main course was the daily special (not on the menu). It was a very nice grilled veal chop (côte de veau aux morilles), tender and juicy, with morel mushrooms, potatoes, peas, and carrots.

CHM ordered veal sweetbreadsris de veau — as his main course. Like many French people, he really enjoys things like sweetbreads, liver, and kidneys. So do I. Thanks to CHM for this photo...

To wash it all down, we ordered a bottle of Touraine Chenonceaux red wine from the Domaine du Chapitre, a winery just five miles up the road from Saint-Aignan in the village of Saint-Romain-sur-Cher.

More about the rest of the meal and the car adventure tomorrow...


  1. That ris de veau was a real treat for me since I've wanted to have some for I can't remember how long. Years ago, I was able to find it, as well as veal liver and kidneys, at the Safeway near me in Arlington, Virginia. No longer are those treats available. They probably go to the area's French restaurants. My loss!

    1. Now that I think of it, was I so lucky that in less than a week I had veal kidneys at the Bistrot de Breteuil, sweetbreads at Relais d'Artémis and lamb kidneys at your place. Wow!

    2. Bonjour Cousin,

      IIRC you had ris de veau the first time we met you at the Bistrot :-)

    3. Bonjour Cousine,
      It was probably rognons de veau I had that time since they have it quite often, but I've never seen ris de veau on their menu.

  2. I'll have what you are having. Ken what is the item with the roasted tomato?

    I do love morels. Dad used to take us morel hunting. It was just like hunting Easter eggs. We would get so excited when we found one. We would bring grocery bags of them home and Mom would sauté them up. What a great memory.

  3. The yellow pudding thing was what I think is called a timbale de légumes, in this case yellow summer squash. I see timbale de légumes recipes in the Joy of Cooking, for example.

  4. What an amazing looking meal. And all these ingredients that you'd only find at a very high-end, extremely high-priced, restaurant in the US: foie gras, morels, veal chops, and sweetbreads. I hope we get back to your area to try this place.

  5. I learned from watching Le Carnet de Julie that one should cook morels before eating them .

  6. Foie gras and the veal chop look wonderful.


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