10 July 2016

Strawberries, apples, and pears

Not only do they grow strawberries at the Château du Moulin...

...but they also have a lot of apple and pear trees on the grounds.

I especially liked this tree and the outbuildings in the background.

This last photo is just to remind you what the Château du Moulin looks like.

I'm in Paris this morning, heading back to Blois and Saint-Aignan this afternoon. Yesterday morning I climbed up to the top of the Panthéon, and I'll show some pictures tomorrow.


  1. Very good photo d'ensemble of the Château du Moulin.

  2. Forget the lovely picture of the almost Disney-like chateau....
    I love the strawb growing layout... there's no access for slugs and snails except up the supports...and the limaces won't like crossing that calcaire at all!!
    And I like the charm of that middle picture, too!

    1. and you can pick them without grubbing through moldy straw and straining all your squatting muscles.

  3. It's a fabulous looking chateau.

  4. wonderful ... I am enjoying your trip :)

  5. That's a clever way to grow strawberries!

  6. All very nice photos. They really give the feeling of a sunny summer day in France!

  7. Agreed, that's a clever way of growing strawberries. I think this is the best angle for the chateau...medieval from the front and Renaissance in the back/interior. I like this view as we get a glimpse of the moat and the dramatic entry.


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