05 July 2016


Life keeps getting in the way of my blogging. A good friend passes away in a country far away (California), and I spend a lot of time on the phone, on e-mail, and on Facebook interacting with people there. We have a houseguest and are busy for four or five days.

The vineyard has dried out a lot since I took this photo 10 days ago. All the ruts are dry...

Now it's time to go out and walk with Callie. It does the dog good and it does me good. We have a lot of one-sided conversations as we walk around in the vineyard. I get to express myself and the dog listens attentively and with great patience.


  1. Callie doesn't give you the "Oh! Give over!!" eye roll treatment then.....?

    1. I have noticed the eyes rolling a few times.

    2. What does "give over" mean anyway? "Get over it"? "Get a clue"?

    3. That's what I was wondering, too, Ken :)
      Glad you have Callie!

    4. Yes...."Oh! Give over!"...
      It is used in many different ways...but all with the same general meaning....
      Drop the subject now will you?
      Can we talk about something different?
      Lay off the critique!!
      In Scotland it is usually said as "Ah..Gi oer!!"

      Used with a rise at the end of pronunciation, it means...
      You don't say?
      I never knew that!
      And similar....

  2. I'm sure Ken, these walks have a positive effect and Callie is a trustable partner!

  3. She is very discreet. She almost never gives in to the temptation to spread gossip.

  4. There is no better confidant or advisor than ones dog. My pup Tate was brilliant in that way .. sympathetic, good natured, and understanding with a big kiss at the end .

    Give over is to "give it up, get over it or stop doing it.

  5. Our soil is parched and rock hard because of our drought, that dark mud of yours looks heavenly. Carry on and keep cooking good food and taking those calming walks with Callie.

  6. I must have missed an update about Callie. Last I remember she had not been up to par. Seems like she has recovered in time to be there for you, Ken. One of the best things about having pets, I believe. They are such loving companions, aren't they.

    Mary in Oregon


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