30 July 2016

Hedge trimming: new-fangled ways

If you've read my blog or Walt's for a while, you might remember that trimming the long, wide, tall "cherry laurel" hedge that encloses our yard here, outside Saint-Aignan, was one of our biggest annual task for several years. Walt would spend weeks working on it in September and October, until his back and neck started aching from the effort. He finally had to give it up. At one point he had to wear a neck brace.

Well, look at this solution. Our neighbors across the road recently lost their 45-year-old gardener to cancer. Their hedges (not laurel) began growing out of control. They found a new crew to come in and prune them back using a kind of mower mounted on the back of a tractor. It was all done in the blink of an eye and just required minimal clipping by hand to even the hedge out. Pretty nifty.


  1. That is smart... the only thing that would worry me is the cleaness of the cut that might let fungal diseases get a hold...
    and the sudden drop of the blade unit if there was a pothole in the road... but your road looks well maintained.
    It certainly takes the backache out of the job!!
    Did you find out how much?

    1. Have to remember to ask the neighbors what they paid.

  2. Its like a crew cut for the hedge, lol.

  3. Off subject... but valid a few days back...we made the Jacques Pepin 'soofel' yesterday... to your smaller recipe, using 2 medium Lebanese-type courgettes.
    There was too much for two to eat, so we had half and let the rest shrink down and cool.
    We have just eaten half of the leftovers, thin sliced on fresh white bread with some lettuce.
    Blooody marvellous!


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