27 August 2014

Unusual August skies

It's raining again this morning... what a strange month of August. Three photos, taken on one of the prettier days:

Above and below, I was looking toward the west not too long after sunrise.

Callie is looking skyward to determine if that's the sun or the moon she sees. If it's the moon, she'll want to chase it and bark at it. If it's the sun, she'll ignore it. It's the sun in this photo taken looking toward the southeast.


  1. I'm heading for Lyon, Colmar and Paris. It sounds like the rain jacket is a must.

  2. Callie is a moonstruck sort of gal!

  3. Absolutely captivating series of photos!

  4. Lee, the weather here may change radically, and for the better, before you get here, but I think it is never a bad idea to prepare for rainy weather in northern France.


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