22 August 2014

Sittin’ and pittin’ with a splint

That title is ambiguous at best. I wasn't using the splint as a pitting tool; I was just wearing it on that finger.

I had taken a bag with me on my walks around the vineyard with the dog and filled it up twice with ripe plums. Nobody else ever picksthem. I sorted them by size and prepared them for the freezer. The finger splint didn't hinder me much.

The smaller plums were freestone varieties, some mirabelles (greenish-yellow) and some maybe quetsches (purple skins). I pitted them easily and arranged the halves on papier de cuisson on a baking pan for freezing. That way, they well be frozen separately and, when the time comes, we'll be able to take precisely the number of pieces we need or want out of the plastic bags I put them in after they were frozen.

The larger yellow plums were not freestone so I realized I needed to cut them up the way you cut a mango, slicing down on one side of the pit and then another. That was easy and I didn't waste too much sweet plum flesh. I had two trays of the large plums, and one tray of the small ones. We'll enjoy them over the coming months.


  1. Please take a few of those and make my tart I just blogged about. I am not bragging, the plums did all the work. :) I know your crust will look better than mine.


    1. Thanks for that recipe. Did you see the tart that Walt made about 3 weeks ago?

    2. Yes, that is why I said yours will look better than mine. Mine was so good, but I am not as talented as both of you. I am still working on my presentation. :) Do you or Walt have any tips?

      Oh, and I bought my first delicata squash yesterday.


    3. I thought your plum tart was beautiful and I like the idea of the glaze with cornstarch and lemon juice. We'll be making it soon. I was just out walking and I saw a lot more plums to pick.

  2. We recently came upon abandoned orchards on a walk with friends who live nearby Amboise. Everything was ready to eat: mirabelles, quetsches, etc. but alas we did not bring any bags. So we just ate them until we couldn't eat any more. And then we found the blackberries! Best walk ever.


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