29 August 2014

Life in...

...sepia tones. It's a setting on my camera, and Photoshop helps to improve the look of the results.

I didn't remember that the word "sepia" derives from the Greek word for marine animals of the squid family. In French, a related term is seiche [SESH], meaning cuttlefish. The ink called sepia is basically squid ink. It's dark brown, and not really black. Sepia-toned photos are rendered shades of brown rather than black, gray, and white. They give everything an old-fashioned look.


  1. The top grapes pic and your hameau work the best....
    especially the hameau from the vine-covered shed....
    just needs a donkey & cart...
    to complete a picture that would be dated to the early 1900s...
    now that all the poles have gone!

    But what's happened to those grapes in the last pic?
    Have they gone rotten...
    or are they just shrivelled up?

  2. Those grapes have turned into raisins.

  3. It feels like I'm flipping through pictures in an old book. The Callie one is my favorite.

  4. I've been playing around lately with duotones and sepia tones in Photoshop, but I haven't had a recent photo that lends itself to the look (for me) as much as your beautiful scenes do. You've inspired me to go back through my Sevilla archives. Lots of "vintage" imagery there. Beautiful work and great job with the levels of contrast.

    1. Thank you for the nice comment, Mitch. I'll look forward to seeing your Sevilla photos when you post them.

  5. I'm reading David Copperfield for a book club- your sepia photos remind me of David's days...

  6. Gorgeous! Such rich colors. I'm not usually a fan of sepia.

    It's surprising what some people can do even with one incapacitated finger.

  7. Bonjour, Ken. Est-ce que tu es tombé sur ces belles photos "du temps jadis" sous les combles de ta maison? :-)

  8. Wow, interesting shots in different colours.


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