19 August 2014

The splint, or “finger sandal”

Here is the thing I have to wear on the ring finger of my right hand for the next 6 to 8 weeks — yes, six to eight weeks! I can't really type, so I might not be writing much before the first of October. Enjoy the silence.

The splint or brace — une attelle [ah-TEHL] in French — looks a little like a sandal for my finger, seen from the side. I'm glad I don't have to wear a pair of them, one on each hand. Then I really would be out of commission.


  1. Ken enjoy the silence. And recover quickly.

  2. Just take it easy....
    Walt will look after you!
    At least it is the third finger...
    you can still pick up a glass!!

    All you need are the other four, tho'....
    plus an old washboard....
    Walt can make a one string tea box bass...
    and then you can go round the various festivals!
    That'll help the weeks pass....

  3. Some people wear finger rings as big as that, by the handful. Maybe it's to show they don't do manual work for a living (including typing). The one useful thing I learned at university was touch typing and I'd go crackers if I physically couldn't do it. Perhaps a blobby ceramic doodad attached to your finger sandal would look sophisticated and cool? Maybe not. Keep well. Pauline

  4. Well, Ken, I guess Walt will be changing the sheets
    from now on.

  5. Holy cow, Ken. I also just had time this morning to read about your Mallet Finger condition... yikes.
    The splint looks good :)

  6. Looks fairly unobtrusive but I don't envy you the 6 to 8 weeks [I get rid of my remaining crutch next week hurrah! 4 weeks with 2, then 4 weeks with 1]. Typing with 2 fingers when you've learnt properly is pretty hard -- good luck with it.

  7. Ok little finger....rest well!

  8. for heavens sakes! well we look forward to some terrific pix then!

  9. I think it looks quite fashionable...

  10. Tendons take a long time to heal, even after they feel better. Don't skimp.

  11. It must not be easy getting use to it. Hopefully you will heal fast and well!

  12. Ken, sending you healing vibes, ouch. I will look forward to when you can post again, if you cannot post right now. Thinking of you, Walt, Bertie and Callie.


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