11 August 2014

Un échange de bons procédés

Walt went over to talk to our neighbor on Saturday. She invited him to come and pick some plums, and she helped him. She lent him a basket to bring them home in. They're called mirabelles, and they are very ripe and sweet.

Yesterday, Walt filled her basket with haricots verts from our garden and took it back to the neighbor. C'est ce qu'on appelle un échange de bons procédés — an example of one good turn deserving another, of mutual kindnesses... une double manifestation de générosité.

Yesterday turned out partly cloudy and very windy. Some tomato plants and a corn stalk blew over out in the garden. All day, dark clouds threatened to give us rain, but the wet stuff held off until nearly 5 p.m. Then the bottom fell out for nearly an hour. I haven't checked the rain gauge yet this morning. But I know this: it's clear and definitely chilly outside...


  1. You have a friendly neighbour.

  2. Those are lovely looking mirabelles and beans...
    we are feasting on courgettes and beans at the moment!
    But the weather...
    walking back over from the longère last night it felt distinctly chilly....
    and at sunrise this morning...
    as I opened the back door to breath in the morning air....
    it felt like Autumn!!
    The weather gauge showed 10.5 Centipedes**...
    poor plants!
    Have a good week you two...
    [**Not sure what that is in degrees Farandwide]

  3. Very neighborly or you. I have a neighbor that shares her prolific lemon tree.

  4. we share our tomatoes/peppers with the neighbors because we get too many ripe veggies before we can eat them, the neighbors in turn cat sit for us when necessary. good neighbors make a pleasant life.

  5. This gives me a smile-all-over kind of feeling :)

    Man, the weather is nuts! How it can be ridiculously, excessively hot some summers, and then cold and clammy others is beyond me.

  6. It's cold and clammy here also with a few hot days thrown in for good measure. Those green beans are perfect, Ken.

  7. The mirabelles are really prolific this year. We're still picking off our tree; and we have already harvested loads!


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