24 August 2014

Ça caille

Over the past two weeks — and this is August! — the high temperature on our outdoor thermometer has hit 70ºF (21.1ºC) only four times. Otherwise, it's been in the 60s. Yesterday the high was 18.7ºC. That's between 65 and 66ºF. Autrement dit, ça caille. That means it feels freezing cold, considering that this is high summer.

Our lowest low temperature has been just slightly above 50ºF — 10.3ºC. Official weather service figures for Saint-Aignan have had the morning temperatures down into the 40s. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Tuesday. Bon dimanche !


  1. Ken unfortunately in Poland the weather since two weeks is cold and rainy. Typical fall weather. What a pity and where is summer?

  2. Northern Ireland recorded -2 centigrade last night - an unhappy record for August. Pauline

  3. Some people were wearing down jackets in Carlisle last week. It's very warm here in Alabama today, maybe our hot air will make it to you soon.


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