12 December 2013

Electricity in the air and on the ground

I don't know why I like these but I do. They are the old and new warnings about the danger of our electrical feeder lines. The first one, which was posted on a utility pole, says:

It is absolutely forbidden
to touch the wires
even if they are lying on the ground

The second one is less picturesque — more modern and functional. La Renaudière is the name of the hamlet we live in near Saint-Aignan:

Electricity Distribution Network France
High-tension transformer
La Renaudière

Now that the feeder lines that bring electric current up to our hamlet from the river valley have been put underground, there's obviously no more mention of wires lying on the ground. We hope there's much less danger of power outages now.

It's possible too, to get a charge out of our local sunsets. No danger of death, however — at least I hope not. Even so, I guess you could call this a killer sunrise.

The way the sun was illuminating the trees in the background of this shot was drop-dead gorgeous, in my opinion.


  1. I am watching the sun begining to "light up" the trees on the hillside opposite...
    it will be about ten minutes yet, before they are like the ones in that last pic of yours...
    but, with a totally clear sky, they will!
    Makes you glad to be alive to watch such wonders unfold...

  2. I absolutely agree with your assessment of the last photo!

  3. ch ch chinnnnnng :)
    Good ones, Ken.

    I like the signs and the photos, too.

  4. Bonjour, Ken. J'espère que les voleurs de cuivre en France savent lire. C'est pas toujours le cas ici...avec des résultats désastreux.

  5. There's magic in the sun's rays this time of year! Pas de danger de mort lol.

  6. Wow, stunning photo of the sunrise. Found you via Nina's blog BTW

  7. Killer sunrise indeed! Haven't checked the blog in a bit and it's good to be in touch again. xo

  8. I've only just clocked that the wonderful, cast 'luminium tag doesn't appear to be on a post any more... ;-)
    Well saved, perchance?


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