24 October 2013

Out walking in sunshine

As I've said before, every time the sun comes out here, you really owe it to yourself to get outside and enjoy it. Right now, not only are we having sunny skies but we are also having unseasonably mild temperatures. Yesterday was breezy, so everything was also very dry. Callie and I really enjoyed our evening walk.

All the grapes have now been harvested, as far as I can tell. The leaves on the vines are just beginning to take on their autumn colors.

Below, Callie looks like she's about to be whisked off by some kind of luminous spaceship. It's like she can't believe her eyes.

As Walt mentioned, this week we're having a special trash collection for things that are too heavy or cumbersome to be easy to take to the recycling center in our little Peugeot. Here's what we're hoping to get rid of — two leaky old rain barrels, some rotting window shutters, and the remnants of the big old concrete barbecue that had started to fall apart, and so on.

We hope all the things we've put out by the road will qualify for pickup. Somebody already came and took many of the metal objects, including the old TV antenna.


  1. Everything got picked up at about eight o'clock this morning. We're very happy to be rid of all that junk.

  2. If you hire a skip/dumpster/benne in Leeds, you get an instant entrepot -something goes to the tip, but it's not what you chucked out - just what absolutely nobody wants! P.

  3. That's a lot of stuff! What a job hauling it to the road. (And I've got "Walkin' in Sunshine" looping in my head... Thanks!)

  4. Yikes, that is a lot of heavy stuff! Glad it was all picked up.

    Love the sunshine :)

  5. That's an excellent service.
    We can arrange for collection of big or heavy objects here but you have to pay extra for it. And although the local tips (dechetteries) are good and the staff helpful, there are some items they either won't accept, or charge you for because the assume you're running a business.
    Hence so many lay-bys and gateways - any spare piece of land in a quiet area of the countryside - are full of junk because people can't be bothered to drive to the tip or aren't prepared to pay.

  6. What is the blue thing that looks like a hose?

  7. It is an old garden hose that had developed a multitude of pinhole leaks, sending water spraying all over the place.

    Sorry for the ear worm, Mitch. I hadn't even thought of that song when I wrote the title.


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