19 October 2013

Grapes, still

It's very unusual to see so many grapes still on the vines at La Renaudière this late in October.
What a bizarre year 2013 has been, weatherwise.

I took these photos about 36 hours ago (Thursday afternoon). The sun had come back out earlier in the day.

Morning lows are in the mid-50s F these days, with afternoon highs approaching 70
(that's lows of 12º or 13º C and highs of 16º to 19º C).

I guess these grapes, whatever kind they are, will benefit from our current warm daytime temperatures and
pale afternoon sunshine by continuing to ripen before being made into red wine.


  1. Lovely lush grapes on those vines!

    I have just read an article in yesterdays Novel Repubski about the Vouvray harvest...
    for those left with grapes, it has been a good one so far with a possibility of 13.5% ABV wines....
    but a number of them have stopped harvesting completely because of the recent rain...
    it seems, that like the grain harvests, they need a run of dry to restart picking.

    Also, some good news, too...
    [read a week or two back now]...
    from a vigneron who had had his plants "destroyed" by the ice eggs.

    The plants have recovered well and he has good new growth for pruning...
    and, so far so good, no sign of disease...

  2. Mid 70 weatherwise sounds good to me - having that sunshine now for the grapes also good news.

    According to Walt's blog today these grapes are not being harvested to enjoy that sunshine as long as possible to become sweeter?

    I woke up today to clear blue skies! We have been covered in a marine layer until mid-afternoon all week and then the sun has come out to warm us in the mid-60's. I guess today will be warmer - YEAH!


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