09 October 2013

Homeopathic remedies

The title is kind of a joke, but then I need a good chuckle, and maybe a good tipple, right now. I woke up realizing that I've developed a miserable head cold. With a cough. And crying eyes. Autrement dit, j'ai la crève.

I have really enjoyed this semi-dry Chenin Blanc Touraine-Amboise white wine
that I got at the co-op in Limeray. I wish I had bought more.

Maybe it's allergies, but I usually don't have such symptoms caused by pollen at this time of year. I've felt it coming on for several days and assumed it would clear up when the weather changed. Well, the weather is about to change — for the worse — with high temperatures only in the 50s over the next few days, and rain on Friday. Joy.


  1. I'm "looking forward" to temperatures reaching up to 50 CELSIUS in Sydney by the end of the year :-(

    Chin up with the allergies. Did you ever look into getting a little air purifier? The one I had in the Gers worked a treat for my indoor confinement at least.

  2. Ken, for your bout of man flu I recommend my standard cure...
    a double Woods 100 black rum with a shot of Avocaat stirred in...
    looks like muddy water...
    tastes almost as bad...
    take half an hour before hitting the sack...
    sleep in the spare room [sorry Walt] with two hot water bottles and a heater on...
    take two asprin before getting into bed...
    [must be asprin - nothing else works]...
    you'll feel wonderful the next day, as you wring the sheets out!!

    Else... it's three days coming, three days as you are now and three days recovering...
    thoughts are with you...
    Set well go on [anagram]

  3. At first I thought the semi-dry Chenin Blanc Touraine-Amboise was good homeopathic medicine, but I think I'd like Tim's "cure" even better. Hope this passes quickly.

    (People keep talking about that "3 days coming, 3 days having, and 3 days going" illness. I've had a "1 week coming, 2 weeks having, and 1 week so far malingering." Enough.

  4. P.S. I really only like the rum portion of Tim's cure. Sorry!

  5. grrrr :( I hate having a cold-- I know you do, too. Hang in there.

  6. oh no! feel better... i feel fine but i might try Tim's recommended tonic.. ha! :-)

  7. Ken

    Y has been carrying on with a cold and cough over more than 10 days - the sneezing and running nose are over but not the cough. Hope yours don't last that long.
    We will have our Thanksgiving this coming weekend and the weather God is looking over us ~ 20C . The tomatoes are ripening as well as the peppers . The herbs are bountiful except for the coriander as you explained.

  8. May you be well! It sounds more like a cold than allergies, so chicken soup time. Lots of chicken soup. There are studies that this actually helps...Take care of yourself!

  9. I like Tim's cure, but my poison of choice is brandy in hot chocolate. Tastes good too.

    Get well soon!

  10. Courage, hope you get rid of it soon.
    Personally I'd go with a classic hot toddy.

  11. Connaissez-vous la méthode des deux chapeaux ? Mettez-vous sur le dos au lit avec un verre et une bouteille de rhum, de cognac ou de calvados. Mettez un chapeau sur vos pieds. Buvez jusqu'à ce que vous voyiez deux chapeaux. Endormez-vous. Au réveil, vous serez guéri.

  12. My understanding of your cold cure is to drink so much spirit that you start to see double.
    My guess is that the next morning the cold is the least of your worries, compared to the hangover !!

    I hope you feel better very soon !!

  13. I'd forgotten the "deux chapeaux" trick. Go for it.

  14. I use elderberry extract to knock out colds -- it's full of antioxidants and a couple of spoonfuls generally makes a cold disappear. The rum is probably more fun, however.


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