15 October 2013

Dreary days

Walt coughs and then I cough. He coughs again and I cough again. Outside, it's dark. It's mid-October, and the sun already comes up late and goes down early. Even when the sun is up, it's dreary out. We have four months of this kind of weather and these reduced hours of daylight ahead of us. I'm not ready.

The weather forecast for France this afternoon: at least it's not cold out, but it will be rainy and windy.

It's raining right now. The fire wood is not getting cut. The garden is not getting cleaned up. I'd show you photos, but I can't — it's too dark for taking pictures, and I'm not enthusiastic about going outside. But I do have to go out today. I have an errand to run in Montrichard. Maybe that kind of excursion will boost my morale.

Meanwhile, I'll post a photo I took in Paris on hot and sunny July 5th, over at the recently refurbished Place de la République.


  1. It's a good day for doing the ironing!

  2. I'll bet that the little excursion does lift your spirits a bit. It's good to get out of the house and not feel focused on things that are bugging you.

  3. Ken, I feel for you. I hate the reduced sunlight and colder weather of winter. I make sure to leave home every second or third day when the weather is dreary, even just to go to a grocery store, and that helps. In summer I could happily stay home every day if we didn't need supplies, but winter is different and we need an occasional day trip to Washington or some place lively.

    What is in driving range that you and Walt could visit for a day trip? I don't mean chateaux. I'm thinking of something like the Loches market, a sunny scenic spot to have a picnic, a drive along the Indre looking for old mills, the river road near Blere, anything insolite. You have much more to work with in France than we do here!

  4. This too, shall pass...it's dark and dreary here today, but not cold yet. Do you have a good book to read? In 67 days, we will be getting more daylight and we'll start to feel better.

  5. Typical French weather no matter what time of year.

  6. Don't let it get you down, Ken. It's the cold, I think. Once you get over that, the rest won't bother you so much. How about a hot toddy? http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2013/jan/02/how-to-make-the-perfect-hot-toddy

  7. That photo is BEAUTIFUL! A French Blue sky next to the grey of the sculpture! Great Shot!

    When the weather is bad here, when I really don't even want to get out for a change of pace, I get involved in one of my hobbies. Carolyn's idea about places to visit could start a search for new places that the two of you haven't yet visited?

    My thought was a cheap flight with Ryanair to a place with SUN! Why not? Surely one of your friends could take care of Bertie and Callie. My daughter and I have taken their flights and in advance they are really CHEAP.

    AND, you can always count on your blog readers to keep you informed and up-to-date with other parts of the world!!! We won't let you down.

  8. It would be nice if people could hibernate--really hibernate, like a bear. Wake up when the sun comes out!

  9. Chris, wouldn't that be nice. Then I wouldn't have to worry about fattening myself up in autumn.

    Carolyn, sun isn't easy to find near Saint-Aignan in November and December (or right now). The most rejuvenating thing for me would be to go to Paris and wander the streets, sit in cafés, enjoy the restaurants, museums, churches... It's probably not in the budget, though. And what about Callie and Bertie?

    Mary, we have few neighbors now. One of them hates Bertie (or used to). Two others don't like dogs at all. So it's not easy to find pet sitters, and I'd hesitate to ask anyway.

    Evelyn, I'm reading two books right now, and watching old French movies I enjoy seeing over and over again. Last winter I converted all my recipes to html format and started organizing them better. I can continue that work. I also digitized our whole music collection. I'm reading Linda Ronstadt's memoir and a novel by Douglas Kennedy. Maybe you know him.

    Ellen, it's mostly the cold right now. It has interrupted the yard, wood, and garden work.

    Mary, thanks for reading and commenting. The blog does keep me going, but I think I'm pretty boring right now.

  10. Chrissoup...
    some people do "hibernate"...
    apparently I had a maiden Aunt who did just that...
    in November she retired to her bedroom...
    her companion earnt her board & lodging and tours abroad by waiting on my Aunt from November through February.
    I was told I met them when I was about three...
    I can remember things that happened around that year...
    the Wealdstone railcrash...
    a major plane crash near Harrow...
    probably because they were still in the news years later
    [and boys are interested in these things anyway]
    but cannot picture my Aunt or her companion at all!

  11. Hardly boring, Ken! I am always telling and quoting about your blog and Walts!. Just today in French class, one member returned from his his 3-week trip to France. 1 week was on a barge down the Loire Canal. I talked weather.
    That simple french channel weather map had me talking to my gym-friend whose husband is from Cannes, too. She knew all about the weather as they watch TV5 every night. BUT - I was able to talk about it with her - which makes your blog current and interesting to read! Merci.


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