11 October 2013

Le monde entier...

...est un cactus, il est impossiiiibllle de s'asseooooiiiir. That's a famous French song. This isn't about a song, it's just about a cactus plant that I'm trying to propagate. The plant was a gift from a longtime friend and reader.

I cut off some pads and stuck them in a rooting medium mixed with sand, in little clay pots. I hope it works.

Otherwise, it's a late blog post today because we have company. We had two big meals yesterday, and then we stayed up way past our bedtime... playing Monopoly!


  1. It seems you let the cut dry before putting the cuttings into the rooting medium. It might work, but since this time of year is a dormant period for that kind of plant, I'm not sure.

    How are the yellow jasmine cuttings doing?

    Last, but not least, how's your cold?

  2. Hey, my students just yesterday asked me if Monopoly exists in France, and, if so, what it's called. Were you playing American Monopoly? I imagine that there is a Paris version, but is it still American? Do you know if French folks play it growing up?

  3. Judy: I played a French [Paris] version of Monopoly in the 40s! I still have the box, but it's empty.

  4. CHM, I let the cut pads dry for a week or so before I planted them. I'm hoping for the best. The cactus plants that I have planted in the ground on the south side of the house don't look good at all, and rather than just pull them out I thought I'd try rooting some cuttings. — The yellow jasmine is still living and has grown a few new leaves, but it hasn't changed much since July. — The cold is not getting worse or better. I'm resting this weekend, which is supposed to be chilly and rainy.

    Judy, if you look at this Google page you'll find the Paris Monopoly board as the first image, with Paris street names. I believe we used to play French Monopoly back in the late '70s and early '80s when I lived in Paris, but my memories are fairly vague 30 years later.

  5. Maybe, when I'm back in Paris, I should sell that box on eBay, it's an antique! LOL

    Ken: Don't worry. Usually the cactus looks dreadful in winter here in Virginia, because it goes dormant. Did the same thing in Salton City. It will perk up in the Spring.

  6. What a sweet little post. I'm pretty sure the cacti will catch. However I find this particular type such a nuisance, the spores get into my skin.


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