02 November 2012

Saint-Aignan's château

When you come into Saint-Aignan from the north — from Paris by the autoroute, or from Blois — you cross the bridge in this photo.

Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher and its château

In front of you as you drive in, up on a high point of land, you see the château around which the town grew up. To the right are the ruins of a medieval fortress — a thousand years old — and on the left is the château that dates back to the French Renaissance — the 1500s.


  1. Love this photo with the great reflections. Have a good weekend Diane

  2. A thousand years is hard for me to imagine. Nice photo of St A.

  3. Guess who bought coconut milk, organic peppers, fresh rich noodles (new at Trader Joe's)...
    Lovely photo of St Aignan.

  4. I meant to write fresh rice noodles.

  5. Is that the island (where the swimming pool is) in the foreground?

  6. How many times do you cross that bridge before you become blasé?

  7. Dean, yes, the pool is on the island in the picture. You can't tell it's an island in that pic, though. Sorry I didn't get back to you about the Souchon song... the translation wasn't bad at all.

    Starman, five thousand?

    Nadege, I hope you like the soup.

    Diane, and Evelyn, hope you have nice weekends on opposite sides of the Atlantic.


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