17 November 2012


These days, in this season, it often feel like we are living in a monochromatic world. If you focus your eyes, though, suddenly you see the colors. They're muted, but they're there. (By the way, I looked up the word that I chose as a title for this post. It really exists, according to American Heritage: [MAH-noh-KROH-muh-TIH-sih-tee].)

Click the picture to enlarge and colorize it.

Yesterday afternoon I took the dog for a walk out in the vineyard. It was 5:15, which is getting close to sundown. The fog was so thick that I could see only a few meters ahead. Callie kept disappearing into the fog, but I knew she was close by. I just kept calling her name in a low voice so she'd stay close.

Click the picture to enlarge and colorize it.

If you click on the pictures above, you'll see them in color. I didn't take them yesterday — it was too dark when I went out. They're from a recent morning walk.

Here's are links to the full-size black and white picture, 1 and 2.


  1. I prefer the B&W shots... the graphic simplicity works better... the colour ones are nice, though.

  2. The second photo is my favorite for composition. I’m trying to decide if I like these pictures better in color or in black and white.

    The first one is definitely better in black and white. That way it looks like what’s left of a forest after some sort of cataclysm.

    The second one, for different reasons, is equally good in black and white as in color.

  3. beautiful! hey i made that swiss chard pie - it was great! i'm talking about it here:


  4. À Janette C..., merci à vous de me remercier, mais en fait, c’est au Petit Robert que doivent aller nos remerciements. Moi aussi, j’ai appris ce nouveau mot de canardeau [canard d’eau?] en cherchant confirmation de ma propre acception de canette.

  5. Loved the interactive photos! Fog makes things bleaker. I'm looking forward to our trees losing their leaves since my house will be lots sunnier soon and I'll see the sky. Yay!

    Ohio, you made one fine looking meat pie!

  6. Oh, I enjoyed being able to click to see the same photo in its color state (clever you!).

    Can't wait to see and read more about the pâté!

  7. Now we're getting the heavy rain - and a forecast of a week of it - UGH!

    Fog is mostly grey and your photos are more appealing to me in the b&w versions. Nice that Callie will stay close during those foggy walks. How difficult it would be to try to chase her down should she decide to chase a squirrel or something.

    I finally have all the ingredients for that shrimp/kale soup and today is the day!

  8. I ordinarily prefer color photos but these are very good.

  9. Beautiful photos Ken.
    I liked the first better in b&w, but loved the muted colors in the second.

  10. Very cool how the photos go from dreary black & white to technicolor with a touch.
    You are the "Great and Powerful Oz".


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