07 September 2007

Home sweet home

A lion at Fontainebleau...

Last night as I was coming back home from Paris by train, I could see the Saint-Aignan church and château off in the distance, all lit up. Paris is fun but it was nice to get back home, where it's quiet, calm, and uncrowded.

... and a ram

I don't have time to blog this morning because we are getting ready to take the dog to the vet's for her operation. She needs to be there in half an hour. Right now she is moping around wondering why we won't give her any breakfast.

Having one of those days?

Over the next few days I'm planning to post some pictures of the château and park in Fontainebleau, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and some other photos I took in Paris. Soon I'll get back to my regular rhythm, but not for long, because I have to go to Paris again a week from tomorrow and a third time two weeks from today. Busy, busy, busy...


  1. glad you're back.

    Poor little Callie....no fun for her. Will she be back home tonight or will she spend the night at the Vet's?

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  2. Callie will be back home tonight. She's now at the vet's and will be operated on this morning.

  3. I love that poor crying lion.
    Good luck for Callie's surgery.
    Yesterday was lots of fun.

  4. Your photos are excellent! Hugs to Callie!

  5. We are home now--loved seeing Fountainbleau with you. We were lucky to have a day full of sunshine.

    Bises to Callie--she is adorable.

  6. I take some time off from running around the web, and come back to a puppy needing a surgery. Poor thing. I am sure that she will have a wonderful place to "convalesce"! The photos, as expected, are wonderful. Also, I thought you retired to France. You sound busier than I am.

  7. To be clear, the surgery Callie had was her spaying. It had been planned since the beginning of the summer. She's tired today but seems to be getting back to her old chewy self with each passing hour.

  8. glad to hear the puppygrrl is not too much the worse for wear. peel her a grape for me.


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