11 July 2006

A week of rest

During this 10-day stretch where we have no house guests, I'm taking some time off. I'm still posting a few pictures on my Loire Valley Images blog, but I'm resting up in anticipation of a busy couple of weeks touring around with a friend starting Saturday.

The weather is hot but not unbearably so. The garden is growing. To tell the truth, I'm a little bit bored and at loose ends with nobody to take sight-seeing.

A summertime flower in the back yard


  1. Lovely photo- I love black-eyed Susans, Ken. What are they called in French?

    Guess you're in transition from having all that company. Maybe it's time to read a good book or watch a movie.

    We're having lazy hazy days of summer here in 'Bama also.

  2. I wish I could be bored with you! Just remember how bad it can be when you've got a demanding job, no time for fun, and everything pulling you in different directions. And a crazy commute to boot!

    I'm two days away from an 8-day vacation. Can you tell? Can't wait. Going back to NJ for my h.s. reunion followed by a week of day trips into New York City with the kids and cousins.

    Yes, love the black-eyed Susan!

  3. Evelyn, Walt googled black-eyed Susan on the web. He got the Latin name. Then he searched on the Latin name with google.fr. He found 'marguerite jaune'. That sounds right.

    Ginny, you are so right. I don't know how I ever did the commuting/working thing. I don't know how you manage. At least your commute isn't bad. I hope you have a really good time in NJ and NY. I think Evelyn might be in NY while you are!

  4. We're in NYC on the 21-24th, with one daytrip to Long Island. We are excited about this trip.

  5. Je pense que les black-eyed Susans sont des Gaillardes en français. CHM


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