31 July 2006

Got a meme tag...

Thanks to Scott of Needs More Garlic for tagging me. Check out Scott's food and cooking blog — it's great. He's in North Carolina, my home state, and in Durham, where I went to college. Whenever I look at his blog, I have to go into the kitchen immediately and fix something good to eat.

Here's my même liste. I'll try not to be too wordy but you know me:

5 things in my freezer
  • several gallon-size Ziploc bags of cooked collard greens that I grew in my garden last year
  • un pied de veau (a calf's foot)
  • un pied de porc (a pig's foot)
  • many Ziploc bags full of baguette slices (I usually buy too much from the bread lady and end up making crumbs out of them)
  • two quarts of couscous soup left over from a back-yard couscous party I had last Tuesday
5 things in my closets
  • about 85 t-shirts, most of which I got as freebies from the companies I worked for in Silicon Valley
  • a rolled-up map of the vineyards of the Touraine wine area that I mean to get mounted and framed one of these days
  • a navy-blue béret basque that I bought as a gift for my father in 1975 and that my mother packed up and sent me recently when she was getting ready to sell her house
  • an extra QWERTY keyboard (U.S. standard) in case the one I'm using gives up the ghost
  • a box containing hundreds of letters and aérogrammes that I wrote and sent to my parents when I lived in France in the 1970s (in the days before e-mail) — also shipped over to France by my mother, who had saved them in the attic
5 things in my car
  • a map of the French départements with their numbers so that I can identify the home département of passing cars by their license plates
  • two little tokens, one plastic and one metal, that I use instead of a one-euro coin in order to be able to get a shopping cart at supermarkets (you put a coin or token in to unlock the cart, and you get it back when you put the cart back in the rack)
  • a fold-out map of the Loir-et-Cher département, where I live
  • a tire pressure gauge calibrated in pounds per square inch, not bars
  • scanned and printed copies of my passport and residency permit so that I don’t have to carry the originals around all the time
5 things in my wallet
  • 79,23€ because I went to the bank and took out 100€ last Wednesday
  • my California driver's license, which expires in 2008
  • cartes de fidélité from Monsieur Vaillant's droguerie and the Côté Sud wine & gift shop, both on the pedestrian street in St-Aignan
  • a scrap of paper with the phone numbers of my friends the Paulets scribbled on it
  • my library card for the Bibliothèque Municipale in Mareuil-sur-Cher
I'm going to tag my partner Walt to see what he might come up with.


  1. Fun! I'm sure those letters you wrote to your mother will come in handy to bring back some personal history. I never kept a journal, but I do have copies of a lot of letters, and it's amazing what we forget.

    Love your meme!

  2. Hi Ginny, now was your trip to NJ and NY?


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