27 June 2006

That waiter at Restaurant Astier

A few days back I posted a picture of the famous cheese tray served at the Restaurant Astier in the 11th arrondissement in Paris.

Did I mention that our waiter was a comedian and entertainer? First he balanced a chair on his chin.

Picture thanks to Cheryl.

Then he balanced a knife on his nose.

Picture thanks to Sue.

He didn't know an awful lot about the wines we ordered or the cheeses on the tray, but he was efficient in his service and entertaining in his tricks.

Here we are enjoying our evening of good food, good wine, good company, and good entertainment.

Sue, John, Ken, and Walt at the Restaurant Astier (Paris 11e) , 02 June 2006.
Picture thanks to Cheryl.

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  1. Your blog is really great - the pictures are fabulous!


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