21 April 2018

Vine trunks

Soon the vine trunks won't be so visible. The vines are now covered in leaf buds, and leaves will soon be all we'll see. The weirdly hot weather we are having right now has a lot to do with the sudden budding.

According to Accuweather, the historical average high temperature for April 20 is 15ºC. That's 59ºF. Yesterday, according to the same source, the high temperature in Saint-Aignan was 28ºC. And that's slightly above 82ºF. The sun seems burning hot.

I wore shorts and a T-shirt on my walk with the dog yesterday afternoon. The ground has dried out to the point where there's almost no mud left, and Tasha didn't need to have her paws washed off when we got home. It feels like July or early September right now.

It's tempting to write about what these vine trunks might represent if they were works of art. Comparisons to wild or mythical animals — reptiles or extinct birds — come to mind. I won't say more. Let your imagination do the work.

P.S. Bob Rossi, who lives in Maine and often comments here, is in France and is blogging right now. Here's a link.


  1. Great pictures of the vine trunks. They make me think of Van Gogh's paintings. ;)

  2. Such warm weather. It seems like weather has been crazy up and down and unseasonal all over the place, this year.

  3. It's still chilly here. The trunks remind me of driftwood. Enjoy your good weather while it lasts.


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