29 April 2018

Les fleurs de la fin avril

Dandelions have bloomed yellow and now are releasing white seeds all around the vineyard.

The sage plants in our back yard are sending up flower buds.

Our neighbors' snowball bush is covered in white blossoms.

These little bell flowers come up every year in the same spot in the neighbors' yard.

I noticed yesterday morning, when I took these photos, that many of the vines are now producing grape flowers like this.


  1. Beautiful, all of it! Our spring has arrived, but you are weeks ahead of us. And an invasive insect has been decimating all the snowball bushes in our area. But my magnolia tree is almost blooming, daffodils and Lenten lilies are in flower. The crab apple tree is showing a reddish flush. Spring is on the way.

  2. Wouldn't these little blue bell flowers be wild hyacinth?

  3. As usual, your guess is as good or better than mine.

  4. It could be a Spanish blue bell as the flowers look larger the the native English blue bells.

  5. My two snowball bushes don't look anywhere close to blossoming, so I guess we are a couple of weeks behind you. Yesterday felt like a real spring day, because we went to the garden center to get mulch, and there were SO many people there-- everyone buying plants, and gardening supplies, and mulch-- it all felt so spring-time-ey!

  6. Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. I'm guessing snowball bushes are different than hydrangeas?

  7. The snowball bushes have finished here. I love the way you organized this post.

  8. Are snowball bushes what I would call hydrangea, or something else?

    1. They are Viburnum species. I think they used to be classified as hydrangeas, but botanists have modified that. See Wikipedia.


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