05 April 2018

Remember Saint-Aignan?

Crossing the bridge over the Cher River as we drove back into Saint-Aignan on March 9...

We had left the gîte where we stayed for four nights over in the Bourbonnais/Allier area and decided to drive on the autoroute, speed limit 80 m.p.h., to get home as early as we could. We arrived before noon.

I still have a day's worth of pictures that I took in the Beaujolais wine region on March 8. We went there just to see what it looked like, never having seen it before, and to buy some wine of course. I'll be getting to those photos over the next few days.


  1. This view is always impressive! Home, sweet home.

  2. "and to buy some wine of course" .... lol, but of course ! I'm enjoying the photos so much !

  3. Looking forward to seeing Beaujolais- I've never been there but tasted their wine.

  4. The town looks great! The chateau looks more like a collectiom of townhouses from this side given the varied architecture.


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