27 April 2018

Des lilas inattendus

The lilac bush that Walt planted years ago is a variety that usually only flowers every other year.

This year, we didn't expect any blossoms, but nature has tricked surprised us.

Maybe it's because of the mild wet weather we had nearly all winter. Whatever the cause, we don't mind.

Above is the whole lilac bush. In French, it's called un lilas [lee-'lah] and this one is 11 years old. I see a photo of it on this blog in a 2009 post, when the bush was much smaller.


  1. Oh, wow, that is wonderful! My lilacs are blooming with puny flowers again this year. I have had years where they have been full and fluffy and plentiful, but not the past two years (mine are every-year bloomers).

  2. Oh I wish I had Smell-O-Vision ! lol ... they are so beautiful, the air must be full of beautiful scent !

    1. The wind is blowing so hard right now that any fragrance from those lilacs is probably miles from here already.

  3. Your yard has improved a lot in nine years! I love lilacs, but most varieties don't like it down here in Dixieland. I do have a bush in my old yard that I may dig up soon and give it a try here.

  4. Sometimes, just like four-leaf clover, there are five-petal lilac!

    I'm not sure if I see one on the left in the middle part of the second photo.


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