02 April 2018

Saint-Menoux : l'église était fermée

We spent little time in Saint-Menoux. It was starting to rain, we thought. I parked the car in front of the church, which we had noticed a couple of days earlier when driving through the town on our way from to Moulins Bourbon-l'Archambault. This time, we stopped to take a look around.

There was a nice-looking boulangerie/pâtisserie across from the church, but we didn't need bread because we had decided to get carry-out pizza from a restaurant for dinner. I got out of the car and went to see if the church was open or all locked up. I wanted to at least take a peek inside.

Walt waited in the car with the dog, because we wouldn't be able to take Tasha into the church anyway. I walked up the path that led up to the front door as a light drizzle started to fall. I was afraid the rest of our afternoon might get washed out.

When I got to the church door, this is what I found (above). It was locked up tight. I turned around a went back to the car. At least the drizzle wasn't getting any heavier. As I crossed the street, a man and a woman in a car stopped and asked me if the church was open and worth the visit. I told them I hadn't found a way to get in. They drove off.

I did get one final shot of the church, from the opposite end compared to the photos I posted yesterday. I'm almost glad I didn't go inside, because I might have tried to stick my head into Saint-Menoux's sarcophagus, with unwanted results. We drove on to Agonges where, to our surprise, the sun was shining.


  1. It looks like the church was triple locked. I bet S-A's sarcophagus is the most visited thing in the church.

  2. I googled the churh and there were just a few photos of the interior. It these photos are actually those of Saint-Menoux, it is magnificent. Really too bad it was closed.

    1. Oh well. There are approximately fifty thousand churches in France. On any given day, half of them are locked up tight.

  3. I was just feeling nostalgic about blogging and decided to check in. You are amazing! Talk about "fidèle au poste!" Hope you and Walt are well.

  4. Hi Betty, I was sorry to hear about your mother's passing in February. You have all my sympathy. My mother passed away on February 3. I was there when she drew her last breath, but she was basically comatose so I'll never know if she was aware that I had arrived. She was 88. I'm so glad that I went to see her last October and enjoyed a two-week visit. Ken


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