09 November 2017

Three for a Thursday

Three photos of Tasha. She's just over eight months old now. She's a pretty good dog, although we still have to walk her on the leash because at the drop of a hat she'll take off running and disappear down the road or into the woods. So far, she eventually comes running back, but it's not a good feeling to lose sight of her like that. She's still a puppy.

Above is her "Are we going out now?" look.

This is the "Okay, I'll wait while you take the photo." look.

Finally, a stylized (a.k.a blurry) shot of Natasha posing in mid-walk on the rue des Laurendières, which runs through the hamlet down the hill from ours. It's interesting that it's called une rue — "a street". It's more of a dirt track, but it makes for a good place to walk, since there's really no car traffic on it. When a car does come along, once in a blue moon, it's going slow enough that we have plenty of time to get out of the way.


  1. She really is a beautiful little girl ..

  2. Great first picture. Laurendières must be a place name or a family name. It doesn't seem to translate to an English word...

    1. I assume Larendières comes from the name Laurent. It can be a first name or a last name. Our hamlet is La Renaudière, and a Renaud family must have settled here, maybe centuries ago. Nearby are the hamlets called La Chôtinière and La Besnardière.

  3. Replies
    1. Most of the time. She really is settling in nicely.


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