15 November 2017

En rentrant à la maison (Going back home)

The other day Natasha and I walked out to the end of the gravel road through the vineyard, which is about a mile long. Then we turned around and walked back. It probably seems like a boring walk to the dog, because we don't go up and down vineyard rows or through any woods. But she's a good sport and likes her exercise.

I took this series of photos, hoping that dim morning light conditions and a cloudy sky wouldn't make them come out too blurry to use. Above is the view from about half a mile (plus ou moins un kilomètre) from the house.

Just a little farther along, the house starts coming into view. Our landmark is the tall cedar tree in the yard — about the tallest tree in the whole area on this side of Saint-Aignan.

This is the home stretch. From here, maybe 500 meters from the house, you can distinguish it clearly.

And then we're almost there. That's the other side of the Cher river valley rising up in the background.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it's a very tall tree. It's called a Deodora or Himalyan Cedar, TTBOMK (to the best of my knowledge).

  2. Yes ! A massive tree but what a lovely landmark to use when going home .. Your landscape really does change with the seasons, having the vineyard there etc ..

    1. It's a pretty place. Each season has its charms.

  3. Love the cedar, it's a beautifull landmark.


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