14 November 2017

Back yard trees in November

I took some photos early Sunday morning (Nov. 12), as I went out for a walk through the vineyard with Natasha. The light was dim but some of the photos came out. On the left is the linden (or "lime") tree that's right outside our back door.

Yesterday, right after lunch, I took the photo on the right, from a bedroom window. Yesterday (Nov. 13) obviously was a sunny day. It's cold and dry outside now. Click this link to see what the linden tree (un tilleul) looked like in November 2012, but two weeks later.

The wind we had on Sunday (Nov. 12) really knocked most of the leaves off the ornamental prunus tree farther out in the back yard.

Look at this photo of the same tree that I posted on Nov. 13, 2012. I must have taken it on Nov. 11 or 12 that year. There's dearly departed Callie. Les années se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas forcément.


  1. Dear, sweet Callie :) And those beautiful trees... lovely views with my morning coffee.

  2. Where I am living at the moment is lovely as far as a green forest and green lawns and blue skies. Oh how I miss the Autumn colors and smells and the mist and chill .. it is a lovely photo of sweet Callie.

  3. Ah sweet Callie living the life.

  4. Beautiful fall colors. Based on your photos, 2012 must have been colder?

    1. Don't really remember. I'll have to go check the records.


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