24 November 2017

Montrésor (nº 2)

Yesterday's Montrésor photo was one that I took in 2012. Today's is one from 2005. It's looking toward the east, while yesterday's was looking toward the west. The château towers loom over the old town, on the banks of the Indrois River.


I'll always remember the first time I saw this view of the Château de Montrésor. Walt and I had been staying in a gîte in Vouvray for a week. It was in October of 2000. We set out to drive to Reims in Champagne, to meet a friend there. We stopped at Loches, and then drove the few miles on to Montrésor. We continued to Valençay, where we had lunch, and then made our way to Burgundy. Beautiful places like Vouvray, Loches, Montrésor, and Valençay motivated us to leave California and move to the Loire Valley three years later.


  1. This village is certainly very special! Hope your Thanksgiving was as good as ours was!

  2. A fairy tale castle.

  3. Thinking back, I think that might be the street where I stopped at the mercerie -- checking out the yarn!

  4. My husband and I went to Argentina on a holiday to get away from the relentless dreariness
    of Portland Oregon and next thing I knew, we moved there ... a place grabs your heart and if you are lucky, you get to stay there.

    1. the relentless dreariness of Oregon in the winter is what I meant ... Portland is lovely.

  5. It's a beautiful place and certainly dominates the skyline of the town. Apparently the is only a portion of the original remaining, with a good bit torn down after the revolution.


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